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Combustion Triangle

The Combustion Triangle outlines what kindles our fiery spirit in the FIRST program. Similar to the components of a fire, without any of these elements we would be unable to be the successful team that we are. Every team gets their start with funding and support of their sponsors, essentially the spark. The teachers and mentors provide the steady stream of guidance that feeds the fire of innovation, keeping it alive like oxygen. Students form the fuel of the equation, serving as a vast and potential source of new ideas and products. Team 1912 students show their gratitude through annual sponsor visits, where we present commemorative plaques and share our achievements, and mentor appreciation luncheons that the entire team can enjoy.


Textron Visit
Team Combustion loves its sponsors with a burning passion, and as one of our oldest partners, Textron receives no less than the best. 1912 students packed robot Hammerhead for a demo and presentation at our generous sponsor's Slidell facilities. There, experienced engineers and Textron employees listened attentively as Combustion caught them up on the recent FIRST season, future plans, and the structure and functions of dear Hammerhead. We discussed our mutual interests of robots and STEM advancement with our sponsors, and presented them with an updated commemorative plaque. Team Combustion looks forward to more interactions with Textron Marine & Land Systems.
Textron Visit

PWR Visit
Take Our Children To Work Day at PWR
The Stennis Space Center is home to many of our most generous sponsors, NASA, NRL/NDEP, and Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne. As part of a long fun-filled day at Stennis we thanked all three for their wonderful contributions. We gave our near patented presentations to PWR's management and later their kids as part of their "Take Our Children to Work" Day. Since there were several events going on at Stennis we were able to meet up with some of our closest friends, Team 364 Fusion and Team 1421 Chaos for an interesting tour and random fun.


Take Our Children To Work Day at MAF
We are lucky enough to have several sponsors who operate at the Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF). We were invited to thank them all as well as participate in their annual "Take Our Children Work" Day. As part of the large event, involving more than three hundred children, we ran a exhibition station where we explained and demonstated our robot to the different groups. It was interesting to see the inside of MAF and meet all the amazing engineers who work there, some of which are familiar FIRST faces!
Michoud Visit