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Here at Team 1912 we strive to impact our community at every angle, often devoting time to projects that are not STEM related. Through our "Torchbearers" Program we give donations to a host of needy organizations in our area. We partner with nearby organizations on projects that range from the Special Olympics State Games to restoring our natural wetlands at Bayou Sauvage and Big Branch. Through the collective power and graciousness of our students, volunteering jobs are well filled and always enjoyed.


Campus Beautification
Working Together for Success
Near the end of summer, our school held a campus beautification day. To escape the summer heat, we worked in the morning, alongside representatives from other clubs and organizations. We participated by planting flower bushes and spreading mulch over the new landscaping. Every day, students see the gardens flourish, adding an aesthetic element to the school.

Special Olympics
This summer some of our member donated their time to a very worthy cause, Special Olympics. We attended the Louisiana State Games and worked as volunteers on the Bocce fields. It was truly rewarding work to see how much fun the athletes were having. During the 2013 Bayou Regional, we promoted the Games at our pit with informational flyers and fact sheets. After partnering with Special Olympics for our third year, we look forward to helping with next year's event.
Special Olympics

Crawfish Cook-off
Crawfish Cook-Off
We also volunteered at the Hospice Foundation's Crawfish Cookoff for the third consecutive year. We worked as almost behind-the-scenes workers by cleaning up messes, refilling consumables, posting signs, etc. In addition we were some of the main forces behind setting up and tearing down the area. And, since it was a crawfish festival, we were very well fed. We visited the tents of many local businesses, and even talked with one of our oldest sponsors, Textron.

Bayou Lacombe Restoration
In partnership with the National Wildlife Refuge at nearby Bayou Lacombe, we participated in a "Work and Play" Day. For several invigorating hours, we cleared shrubs for interpretive trail development. Our team members wielded handsaws and vine-cutters in their quest to reveal the natural beauty of surrounding wetlands. After completing the restoration, we were invited to canoe along Bayou Lacombe, enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the water.
Bayou Lacombe


City Clean up
Slidell City Clean Up
Every fall and spring for the past three years, Team Combustion has volunteered at the Slidell City Clean up. Depending on the occasion we have planted flowers around the town or helped to maintain a gardened area. In partnership with the Keep Slidell Beautiful organization, we adopted Audubon Street to remove litter. We are proud of our city and work to keep it beautiful.

Bayou Sauvage
After having so much fun restoring the Big Branch National WIldlife Refuge in the fall we decided to volunteer with the National Wildlife Federation again to work in Bayou Sauvage. We got down and dirty to plant hundreds of grasses. Within six months they will have grown to fill and recapture the once dying wetland. It's one of our favorite activities, mostly due to the immense quantities of mud involved.
Bayou Sauvage