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AndyMark is a leading supplier of competitive robotics parts. Although the company distributes merchandise from well-known manufacturers, such as Logitech, AndyMark is most famous for its own quality products, including the Super Shifter transmission and mecanum wheels. Owned by FRC mentors Andy Baker and Mark Koors since 2004, AndyMark's extensive inventory is the first place to look for any robot supplies. They even host the annual FIRST Choice lottery as an extension of the traditional Kit of Parts distributed at Kickoff.

Innovation First International, Inc.

Innovation First, a global leader in robotics education, firmly maintains "innovation is necessary very early in the design process to produce simple and elegant product designs." IFI has developed numerous products for FIRST, including the Robot Controller used between 2000 and 2008. Innovation First and its subsidiary, VEXpro, have expanded to crown suppliers of quality electronics such as the Victor-888 and the Spike Relay as well as gearboxes and motors. IFI even runs its own robotics tournament, through the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC). VRC is patterned off the FIRST Tech Challenge, and has attracted many students as an exciting STEM experience.

National Instruments

Founded in 1976, National Instruments is a leading innovator in "providing test, measurement, and embedded systems for engineers and scientists." NI has supplied the FRC controls system since the 2009 season. The cRIO, Digital Sidecar, and Power Distribution Board are the key components provided. LabVIEW, a graphical programming language also developed by NI, has been customized specifically for FRC teams. The roboRIO control system, to be implemented in the 2015 season, solidifies the long-term strategic partnership between FIRST and National Instruments.

Cross the Road Electronics

Cross the Road Electonics, founded in 2006 by Mike Copioli and Omar Zrien, aims to "provide robust embedded solutions for various robotic and control applications." Within FIRST, CTRE is legendary for its powerful yet compact hardware. The Talon motor controller is our speed controller of choice due to its power, reliability, and small footprint. CAN (controller area network), a controls system based on daisy-chained ethernet cables, enables advanced motor control with several enhanced capabilities. The Battery Beak is used by almost every team to quickly and reliably determine robot battery charge.

eStop Robotics

eStop Robotics is the vendor of the Custom Control Interface (CCI), among other practical supplies. The "eStop Board" is remarkably elegant and reliable. Programmed as a simple joystick, it allows users to customize their operator's consoles with buttons and switches, giving a clean, professional look. eStop Robotics also sells a variety of cables, including Ethernet port savers and CAN connectors.
West Coast Products logo

West Coast Products

A small business formed by FIRST alumni in 2011, West Coast Products is famous for their quality designs. We are proud users of their 3-CIM Dog Shifting gearbox, complete with a customizable VersaChassis. WCP also distributes more conventional FRC supplies, such as solenoids, speed controllers, and bearings. VexPro has a strong partnership with WCP, collaborating to give teams even better framing and building options. It's thanks to West Coast Products that teams worldwide can emulate the unbeatable "west coast drive" developed by the elite California teams.

80/20 Inc.

80/20 Inc. is renowned among FRC teams for its simple yet sturdy modular framing. The distinctive "T-Slot" profile allows bolts to easily slide in place, then tighten with Drop-Lock pieces. Thanks to this flexibility, an 80/20 chassis can be assembled within a day. 1912 has used this chassis style for several years, thanks to its durability and elegance. 80/20 is also useful for prototyping and other, non-robotics construction purposes.


Autodesk is the world's leader in 3D design software, empowering "people to experience their ideas before they are real." Founded in 1982, Autodesk provides students with a wide selection of free, downloadable software, including the flagship product AutoCAD. Autodesk Inventor is used by many FRC teams for CAD design, supplying powerful features for visualization and analysis. 3ds Max gives graphic designers tools for smooth animation, detailed rendering, and rich 3D models. We have also employed Autodesk Sketchbook and Maya at various points in our team history.

SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation, originally a small Japanese pneumatic control producer, has evolved into a global leader commanding 20% of the world pneumatics market. SMC is a pioneer in pneumatic automation, designing quality solenoids, valves, actuators, and tube fittings. With production facilities on four continents, SMC can serve a huge base of customers while continuing a tradition of constant research and development. SMC even supports an online application, E-TECH, that enables users to select CAD models of customizable pneumatic automation parts.

Coast Pneumatics

Established as a family business, Coast Pneumatics supplies a wide variety of quality fluid control equipment. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Coast Pneumatics strives to “maintain the highest caliber of professionals in order to achieve its goals.” This translates to sustained excellence in service and customer satisfaction. An extensive inventory encompasses virtually any pneumatics product needed by any FRC team, from pressure switches to configurable reservoir cartridges.
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