Safety Center

Our build space has two portable eyewash stations as well as a safety education zone in order to make this season as safe as possible. The eyewash stations are strategically placed for easy access and accessibility. We have also designed a safety education zone which can teach people about different safety precautions and offers a manual provided by FIRST. We also have a mandatory Safety Contract which outlines the rules of safe behavior in the build space. And so far, we are proud to report we have yet to encounter a major safety issue.

Safety Training

Safety Presentation

Our Safety Presentation from 2014 is shown to all of the team members by our safety captain. Please view and remember, Safety FIRST!

Safety Brochure

A brochure of basic safety tips and information, we distribute this to all our fellow teams whenever we go to competition.

Safety Contract

At the beginning of the season every team member is required to sign the safety contract which states that they agree to follow all the rules and guidelines required to keep everyone unharmed.