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2016 Season

Ben R: "I love making short jokes. They take so little effort."
Brian R: "Yeah, the bar is pretty low."


2015 Season

Alex L: "Can I get a pay raise?"
Dr Clark: "Yeah, we'll double your pay."
Alex L: "So, from $0 to $0."

2014 Season

Nick P: (to Tristan C) "Hey, the Jamaican's rolling the joints!"

Alex L: "Nothing should go wrong unless we did something really stupid."
Mr Alex: "And what are the chances of you doing something stupid?"
Alex L: "Pretty high."

Nick E: "I want to punch a wall. And a customs agent."

Madeleine P: "You should see a brain surgery. There's blood everywhere. It's like a waterfall. It's CRAZY!"

Alex L: "I can be very assertive"
Nick E: "I wouldn't listen to you. Well, I'd listen to you to your face."

Mr Barry: "I'll believe that when monkeys can jump."

Mr Barry: "Nick, can you look at this?"
Nick P: "Wait, I have to make controls happy."

Ms Wendy: "You wouldn't want to be an aerospace engineer."
Dr Clark: (points to Scott K)
Ms Wendy: "I'm sorry!"

Alex L: "We're good at burning discs, we're Team Combustion!"

Teresa W: "It hurt when I saw a messy control board."
Ben R: "You have learned well."

Mr Chris: "I should be a 233 hottie."

Scott K: "I'm too high on glitter."
Alex L: "You ate glitter?"
Scott K: "YES."

Jade G: "Maria, I DID something!"

Nick E: "Squat the robot!"

Mr Alex: "Where are Nick Petras's pants?"
Alex L: "Hopefully on him."

Madeleine P: "You're like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner."
Alex L: "Thanks!"
Madeleine P: "Only less cool and more dorky."

Maria L: "Alex, you would have made a really pretty girl."
Madeleine P: "Yeah, you would have."
Alex L: "I don't know how I should respond to that..."

Madeleine P: "I like the flash drive in your hair. It makes a good fashion statement."

Alex L: "Vulcan + robot + love = 0"

2013 Season

Nick P: "THREE YOU!"

Ms Wendy: "Are you kidding? How can you be in FIRST and not have a need to post to CD?"

Sam H: "Why don't you just [long pause] stop talking."

Aretha G: "So you're defending putting your toe in her hair?"

Ms Wendy: "The Roomba was running upstairs."
James Y: "The Roomba can run up stairs?"

Mr Alex: "Swagificiation."

Dr Clark: "You say it has to? It has to by rules?"
Sam H: "It has to by the laws of physics."

Alex L: "We're all going to die."

Rachel H: "I want nothing less than perfection."
Mr Alex: "Actually we want a little more than perfection."
Rachel H: "Yeah, perfection is the lowest standard."
James Y: "I really hope you are joking."
Rachel H: "I'm not, actually."

Rachel H: (to Mr Alex) "You wouldn't be interested in it, it doesn't involve Yoshi."

Raya I: "So you have dj house parties?"
Mr Alex: "With just me and the internet."

Rachel H: (To Ms Wendy) "You wanna work on the clamshell and I'll work on the camera?"
Mr Alex: "I wanna work on some Chick-Fil-A."

Brad P: "Can I break the control board?"

Dr Clark: "This is fun and all but what do you hope to gain from it?"

Nick P: (about Sam H's shoes) "Are those from a psychic ward?"
Mr Alex: "I didn't see that coming!"

Brad P: "I used to have three hands and then I met a bandsaw."

Mr Barry: "The one with the gold makes the golden rule."
Nick P: "I wanna make my own golden rule."

Mr Chris: "Who wants this King Cake?"
Nick P: "I'll take it..."
Mr Alex: "...In my stomach."

Ms Wendy: "Err on the side of awesomeness."

Mr Barry: "Rachel, you can control this robot, with a computer?"

Jeffrey J: "I looked at the most important person in the world today."
Rachel H: "You looked in a mirror?"

Nick E: "I have a robot fetish."

Ms Lisa: (Loud crashing noise) "Do you guys need a mentor?"

Rachel H: "This conversation took a turn for the nerdy."
Aretha G: "Well, yeah. But it started out nerdy."
Alex L: "Well to be fair I am here."

Nick E: "Ms Wendy, you're the best."
Ms Wendy: "I am!"

Zachary C: "New game plan. Don't do that again."

Rachel H: "Is that all you're carrying?"
Nick E: "I'm carrying Alex's self-confidence!"
Rachel H: "So, still nothing?"

2012 Season

Sam H: "It's beginning of a new era. I have to go to the bathroom."

Rachel H: (holding new power distribution block) "I want to smell it, it's the best smell of the season."
Mr Bill: "That's a little kinky Rachel."

Aretha G: "So uh, Sam, wanna work?"

Nick P: "KISS: Keep it super sophisticated. "

Mr Allen: "This looks like Rachel's handiwork, it's all really organized!"

Mr Eisman: (to little Micah) "Yeah, well I was born before you."

Devin G: "They said we have to score. They never said the robot has to score."

David S: "Yeah! We don't suck!"

Dr Dale: "Whatever controls wants, it gets."


Mich B "I'm going to drive this with my nose."

Daniel Y: "It's 2CAN. Like toucan. HAHA!"

Amalin M: "Feel it, it's so smooth, feel it, it's like Logan's legs."

Sam H: "I was hoping we could actually make the deadline."

Mr Eisman: (While working on a hardware test) "I think its a software problem."

Nick P: "The software is too heavy"
Sam H: "Drill some holes in it!"

Mr Alex: (the electricity goes off) "Barry, did you mess with the wiring again?"

Jeffrey J: "And then we crashed it and redid everything!"

Ms Wendy: (Referring to PWMs) "You always have to cut the male ends off."
Dr Dale: "That sounds sexist"

Rest of Drive Team: (repeated) "Can we drive?"
Rachel H: "I'm gaining communications."

Mr Barry: "Patrick, you ought to try to help out sometimes."

Mr Collins: "Is this thing supposed to be winking at me?"
Rachel H: "Er, yes."
Mr Kent: "No, it just likes you."

Rachel H: (Referring to a PWM) "This isn't a female, its a male with the ends cut off!"

Mr Greg: "And not playing frisbee."
Nick P: "He knows us too well"

Mr Allen: (to Rachel) "I cannot grow you"

Ms Wendy: "Zach, do you have a pocket knife?"
Zach: "I don't have my pockets on me."

Ms Wendy: "Here, pass me that ball, I'll make good use of it" *converts to pillow*

Mr Alex: "And will this be an armor piercing t-shirt cannon?"

2011 Season

Sam H: "Make sure you measure twice, or you may have to redo a part. I have redone lots and lots of parts."

Nick P: "Can you tell me if this is hot?"

Alyssa L: "Ok, let's do this...now what are we doing?"

Rachel H: "Did metal just fall out of my hair?"

Joey H: "OW! Oh wait...I'm fine."

Nick P: "Oh no! I messed up! I'm going to get disowned again!"

Nick P: "My only true friend is the minibot..."

Chris C: "Want me to grease your ankles?"
Rachel H: "Yes please."

Joey H: "I didn't do it!"

Joey H: "Is it weird that I'm chewing on a piece of wire?"
Rachel H: "No."

Rachel H: "Did you just file my back?"
Joey H: "No."

Hannah S: "I am working, I'm rendering!

Austin N: "Yoshi's not real."
Joey H: "What!?"
Mr Alex: "Take that back!"

Raya I: "OMG! You drilled a hole! You get a prize!"

Joey H: "Plph.....metal dust in my mouth."

Alyssa L: "Oh you need a file? What flavor?"

Joey H: "WD40, it solves everyone's problem......well, unless your problem is hunger."

(In the school parking lot)
Joey H: "Oh yeah, it's Saturday."
Jay H: "Oh, that's why the parking lot's empty!"

Rachel H: (To Joey H) "You have some slap on your face! *slap*"

Rachel H: "How many robotics kids does it take to open a door?"
Patrick S: "Apparently three."

Hannah S: "PAL (video software) is not our friend."

Rachel H: "Hannah, you can take off your safety glasses now."
Hannah S: "They are a fashion statement!"

Billy D: "That should go on the quotes page." (repeated)

(In the postseason of 2011)
Rachel H: "The wire box is organized for the first time since 2007!"
Dr Dale: "How long do you think it will stay like that?"
Rachel H: "About a week."
Dr Dale: "Really? That long?"
Rachel H: "Well we don't have build for about a week, so, yeah!"

Sam H: "Do you have a screwdriver?"
Mr Greg C: (Hands him one) "Now you do!"

Billy D: "Snakes on a plane!"
Thien N: "Stop being racist!"

Hannah S: "Matt, it's one a.m., you don't have to be nice!

Rachel H: "Billy, nobody cares about 7/16th wrenches at 4:30 in the morning!"
Zachary C: "I do, we need them!"

Nick P: "You have pretty feet."

Leah S: (en route to demo) "So, where are we going?"

Ms Wendy: (to Hannah S) "I forget you're not my family."

Rachel H: "I'm heat shrinking my leg!"
Billy D: "But you don't have heat shrink on your leg."
Rachel H:(Pause) "I'm heating my leg!"

Transformers movie: "We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron."
Nick P: "I wonder when their teleop period starts."

Rachel H: "So Mr. Allen, what would you think if when Hannah or I got married that our best man would be Stryker?"
Hannah S: "And maid of honor would be Valykrie!"
Mr Allen: (Pause) "I think you two are a little too into robotics."

Hannah S: (To Rachel) "What's black, white and red all over? A deadly penguin."

Nicholas H: "I don't know what's going on." (repeated)

Ms Wendy: "Alex, every time you come it's when we are the most productive."
Mr Alex: "Well, what can I say..."

Nicholas H: "I think I'm more of a bronze guy myself."

Sam H: (During SPHERES) "Guys we are really stupid."

Nicholas H: "If I die we would get a lot of news coverage."