FIRST Progression of Programs

Jr FLL Logo Jr. FLL - Junior FIRST Lego League
For ages 6-9 and grades K-3, this FIRST program is for its youngest group, with hopes of sparking interest in science and technology at a young age. This program focuses more on the research aspect of its yearly-changing challenge rather than the building aspect, but every team researches, presents the research with a tri-fold, and builds a simple mini-robot out of Legos that relates to the theme. Additionally, this program also intends to help students understand the importance of teamwork, discovery, and the all-important Gracious Professionalism (that will be a key part in any FIRST program) through the program's Core Values.

FLL Logo FLL - FIRST Lego League
For ages 9-14 and grades 4-8, this is the middle age group amongst the FIRST programs. Whether new to the FIRST programs or is continuing the FIRST journey, children will definitely find this program intriguing and will love its challenges. More evenly balanced between research and building, FLL is all about three particular things: the Project, the Robot Game, and the Core Values. The Project is the research portion of FLL in which the team will present what they have learned based off of the theme. The Robot Game uses a 4ft by 8ft mat in which autonomous robots will be programed by students to complete the mini-challenges on the "field." As for the Core Values, they are the same as Jr. FLL as FIRST emphasizes these. A good bit more challenging than Jr. FLL, the love-to-learn student will truly enjoy this program.

FTC Logo FTC - FIRST Tech Challenge
For ages 12-18 and grades 7-12, this is, in some ways, considered the Junior Varsity robotics program. Many big teams across the nation put its students in this program first, and then "graduate" them to FRC. FTC has a smaller arena than that of FRC's and also has two teams per alliance, rather than three. It is also less costly than that of FRC and only allows up to ten people plus one mentor per team. However, it is similar to FRC in that you still have to build a robot to win a game, and the spirit of FIRST shows in both. Either way, teams will compete with excitement and gain an experience to remember for a lifetime.

FRC Logo FRC - FIRST Robotics Competition
For ages 14-18, grades 9-12, FRC has been labeled as "the Varsity Sport for the Mind." It is similar to FTC but is bigger, has more funding, and is just as fun. Students will gain valuable engineering and teamwork skills from this program. Teams can be as big as they want, as there is no maximum, and as always, Coopertition will play a key component in the FRC games. The arena for FRC games is bigger than that of FTC's, and each alliance is composed of three teams. Teams will get 6 weeks of time to build a competition-ready robot. After, which, teams will be not be allowed to work on that robot. It will be a stressful, exciting, and learning-filled build season no matter the team. A great program with great ideas, FRC will the experience of a lifetime