Basic Robotics Links

FIRST homepage

The homepage for FIRST, the organization that started it all. They can give you information concerning all parts of FIRST, from where regionals are to the basics of starting a team. You can go ahead and bookmark it.

FRC homepage

This is a branch of the FIRST site, but this part deals with only the details of FRC. FRC is the section of FIRST that Team Combustion is in. This site is especially helpful when you can't remember things such as when the Woodie Flowers submission is due...

NASA homepage

If NASA only helped FIRST teams as it does now, with sponsorship, mentors, and other necessary support, then it would be an amazing organization. But when you also factor in that they put people in space, they blow you out of your laboratory (or cubicle).

Bayou Regional homepage

The Bayou Regional is in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the event for teams in that area. This is the local regional for Team Combustion which we have attended every year since it opened.

Chief Delphi forum

This forum created by FRC 47 (Chief Delphi) is a great source of information. Got a question about robotics that no seems to have the answer to? Post it on Chief Delphi and at least three nerdy teenagers will post you the answer at two o'clock in the morning.

Engineering Links

NI FIRST homepage

Starting in 2009, FIRST partnered with National Instruments to give team more advanced and spiffier electronics. This also means that the robots are programmed in LabVIEW.

FIRST Autodesk homepage

This educational community is bursting with everything you would need or want to know. They want to help you.

FRC Designs

Started by FRC Team 340 G.R.R. alum Matt Starke, FRC Designs is a database of robot designs, subsystem assemblies, and CAD models. It's a great place to find successful ideas from past years. And good recreational robotics reading.

FRC Top 25

Another brainchild of Team 340 alumni, FRC Top 25 / Mike and Justin In the Morning is a weekly webcast for FRC competition. Voters pick their 25 favorite robots, and the results are streamed each Tuesday night while still maintaining a relaxed, even sassy atmosphere. Mike, Justin, and Pat even run special segments like "Behind the Bumpers" and CMP Division previews, just for fun.

East West Collaboration Project

Imagine FRC veterans from the Atlantic Coast talking FIRST with FRC veterans from the Pacific Coast. This is the goal of EWCP, spreading info about drive trains and other such important stuff. Their podcasts alone are worth listening to for hours... Take good notes!

FIRST Aid Links

Non-Engineering Mentor Organization

NEMO(Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) is a group of the mentors that help with the part of FIRST teams that don't involve the robot. For all the mentors that help with the writing of paperwork and awards, public relations, recruitment, fundraising, food-raising, and anything else, this is the group for you!

US FIRST Girls homepage

The aim of US FIRST Girls is to get more women involved in science and engineering, something Team Combustion is a big supporter of. We spread the word and showed support by being ambassadors at the regionals we attend.

Rookies FIRST

Created by FRC Team 3504 Girls of Steel, this website gives a lot of helpful information to rookies on every aspect of a FIRST team. One of our 1912 members works as contributor to the website.

Featured Suggestion: The Coalition for Science After School

FRC 1912 supports the Coalition for Science After School and is a proud representative in the state of Louisiana.

Basic Team Links

Basic FIRST Team information page

Every team has one and all are created equal: A page created by FIRST with the most basic information about a team. Helpful if you only need the simple things. It shows basic history, awards, etc.

Blue Alliance page for 1912

Once again, every team has one and all are created equal. It is a record of every teams' matches, even if you were on the red alliance. They even have videos of the matches, just for fun.