Ignition Team

With our "Ignition Team" we aim to start or restart more FRC teams in our area. With the benefits are overwhelming, the work required is likewise to have team. We hope to help this burden by providing mentoring in every area. We have developed a library of manual on technical skills to guide rookies through the build process. Having achieved financial stability ourselves, we want to spread our knowledge and contacts to those needing it, insuring that money is not a barrier to any team. Our how-to guide will impart what is required to run and team and the skills necessary. In addition to providing this handbook on our website and at events like our Jumpstart build, we are willing to personal visit teams to give more hands-on advice. The goal of our "Ignition Team" is to create a community of strong and stable FRC teams.

Ignition Team Presentation- this gives a brief description of all the programs in FIRST with the purpose of introducing them to people interested in starting new teams.

NASA Grant- One of most loyal and beloved sponsors is NASA. If teams can qualify for a NASA grant, we highly recommend that they apply for one.

Documents for FRC Teams

General FRC Info Sheet- a general overview of what FRC is

Strategy / Scouting Manual- examples and explainations on the role of strategy during build season and of scouting during competition

Kinect Manual- a basic how-to guide on using the Kinect within the 2012 circumstances and LabVIEW code. This expertise was gained through Beta Testing.

Audio / Visual (AV) Manual- gives information on how to edit videos and add voice effects.

Intro to Programming Manual- a presentation created by one of our controls mentors that gives an overview of the FRC Controls system, basic LABVIEW style and general programming concepts.

LabVIEW Manual- a presentation created by one of our controls captains that gives an overview of LabVIEW with the context of FIRST robotics and explains the framework.

Wiring Manual- covers basic wiring tips and the layout of power and signal. Intended to be a crash course about the electrical part of the robot. Written at the end of the 2009 build season

Autodesk 3ds Max Animation Manual- a detailed document that gives a general education to animating in the FIRST program.

Sustainment Presentation- a helpful how-to guide for all teams on how to become financially secure

How to Run a Successful Robot Demo- a guide to planning and conducting an exciting, informative robot visit

Running a Junior FIRST Lego League Expo- a concise overview of organizing and managing a JrFLL event, based on our experience at the 2012-2014 Louisiana State Expo.