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Documents | 2010 Chairmans Questions

2010 Chairman's Short Answer responses

1. Briefly describe the impact of the FIRST program on team participants with special emphasis on the 2009/2010 year and the preceding two years.

In the past year, FIRST's ideas have transformed awkward Combustion members into passionate engineers, 50% of whom now work at engineering jobs during the summer. Because FIRST gives every student something to love, 75% of all members have pursued science/engineering fields in college. In college, two of our alumni now mentor FIRST teams, and two more are striving to bring robotics to impoverished areas through programs such as Teach America.

2. Examples of role model characteristics for other teams to emulate

Team 1912 has twice been awarded the Gracious Professionalism title. 1912 was chosen as a beta test team for new controls system hardware, as seen in NASA's DVD. When Team 1859 and 3337 found themselves lacking such familiarity, our team instantly helped by showing them how to program. We have used YouTube to share our designs with other teams and demoed at kickoff at the Stennis Space Center. We are also a diversity-loving team, as shown by our all-women presidents.

3. Describe the impact of the FIRST program on your team and community with special emphasis on the 2009/2010 year and the preceding two years

As the only surviving FIRST team in Slidell, 1912 has spread FIRST's impact by demoing our robot in Heritage Park on Independence Days and volunteering in the annual Slidell Cleanup. We have inspired audiences at Stennis's Bring Your Child to Work Day, Lockheed Martin's Michoud Family Day, Slidell's Business Expo, and charity Truth 180's Teen Summit for troubled adolescents. 1912 now plans to serve in Truth 180's Haiti relief effort to expand FIRST's ideals into the global community.

4. Team's innovative methods to spread the FIRST message

Taking demonstrations to new levels, Team 1912 has inspired young and old at assorted local events such as high school pep rallies and Girl Scout troop meetings. We have shared FIRST with local businesses through colored team brochures and to charities like Habitat for Humanity through a donation of competition flooring. Since demoing at the New Orleans AIAA and Tulane engineering conferences, we have always been shocked at the number of senior engineers still unaware of FIRST.

5. Describe the strength of your partnership with special emphasis on the 2009/2010 year and the preceding two years

Team 1912 aids its partners by hosting Jump Starts for rookie teams and beta testing the new controls system hardware. We establish strong mentor-student bonds through junior high Lego League and build season. Since corporate sponsors honor us as a NASA House Team and allow us to build at QinetiQ facilities, we thank them annually by bestowing them with a commemorative plaque. This year, we will turn FIRST Robotics into a public spectator sport with the help of our upcoming Media Day.

6. Team's communication methods and results

To ensure an efficient season, Team 1912 updates its official website daily, posting before-and-after plans and reviews for the entire team. We are split into 3 teams: challenge, chassis, and controls, each with their own functions and special mailboxes for communication. Supporting teams include spirit, financial, and strategy. Fulfilling Dean Kamen's homework from the last year, we have contacted 1912 alumni and honored them on our website, proudly listing their data with our team schedules.

7. Other matters of interest to the FIRST judges

Team 1912 is honored to have received the Judges' Award, Woodie Flowers Award, and two Gracious Professionalism awards from FIRST Robotics. In addition, we have also arranged a superlative award ceremony at each end-of-season pool party. We will arrange a Bring-a-Buddy to Competition Day to fulfill Dean Kamen's homework for this year. Just as FIRST empowers a team year-round, a friend made through robotics remains a friend for life.

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