Three-dimensional animation is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry. Each year, Autodesk gives FIRST Robotics teams the tools needed to create their own animations. Our team mainly uses 3D Studio Max but the selection includes also Maya, Mudbox, and many other programs. Just like the robotics game challenge, every year Autodesk gives a new theme. As soon as the theme is revealed, our team works diligently to complete it before the deadline. Previous themes have varied from ideas on how to save our own planet by using methods from nature from how to save alien races on other planets. Our team follows a very consistent plan of execution: storyboarding, modeling, animating, rendering, and then Audio-Visual work. Even though Autodesk no longer sponsors an animation contest for FIRST, we continue to develop our skills to breathe life into creative visions.

Tutorials: some videos used by our team

3Ds Max Basics: Part 1
3Ds Max Basics: Part 2
3Ds Max Basics: Part 3
3Ds Max Basics: Part 4
3Ds Max Lighting Basics

FRC Team 1912 Safety Animation 2013

FIRST Team 1912 Animation 2012

Team 1912 Safety Animation 2012

FIRST Team 1912 Excellence in Design 2011 Submission

Team 1912 Combustion Safety Animation 2011

FIRST Team 1912 Combustion's Excellence in Design Submission 2010